Travel Lion Club. Simple.

Gold Plus. Many Benefits.

Some of the Benefits:

✓ Access to Private Residences.
✓ Members Only Rates on Luxury Hotels (Up to 80% less than what’s in the public).
✓ Dedicated Travel Concierge (In five languages).
✓ Vacation Weeks Starting at 99 USD (Up to six people in a Luxury Condo or Villa).
✓ Reward Credits on all Your Bookings.
✓ One Membership for The Whole Family.
✓ No Blackout Dates, Travel Anytime.
✓ Shopping, Restaurant, Wine Club Discounts, and Much More!
✓ Receive 80% Off the Cost of the Membership, it was 1,499 USD now it is only 299.80 USD!
✓ Only 159 USD per Year to Renew.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Is there a minimum stay required?

A) No. You can stay for a minimum of 1 night or the maximum nights allowed for that hotel.

Q) Do I have to pay to try the membership?

A) No. You can ask us questions while trying the membership, an email only required.

Q) Why is there a membership fee to access your deals?

A) It’s simple, we make our money from the membership fees, we do not follow a rate parity, since our rates are private we don’t have too. In the end the savings are past to you, our members.

Q) Why is this membership at such an amazing price?

A) During these hard times (COVID-19), this offer will remain. (Note: this membership sells as high as 10,000.00 USD).

Q) What hotels and resorts are available in the savings program?

A) With over 1,000,000 properties available through the membership, you will find familiar brands and hotels around the world.

Q) Can I change or cancel my reservation? Is my reservation refundable?

A) Reservations booked on the website cannot be changed or modified once booked, but may be cancelled per the terms and conditions. Cancellation policies will vary depending on the hotel or resort you selected. Cancelled reservations may incur a cancellation fee.

Q) Can I pass my membership to a friend or family member?

A) Yes, for a fee.

Still need help? Call us 24hrs– 1 (818) 533-6583.

Own membership

Own It: Pay for the membership in full. Get an incredible 80% discount from the normal purchase price of 1,499 USD now only 299.80 USD, then it is 159 USD annually to renew.

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Wow! I have a close friend who spent well over 20,000.00 USD for his timeshare. I was going to do the same but decided to wait. Along came this offer. My Mom was right great things come to those who wait! Saved big $ and I can use this unlimited. Thanks – Angela Garcia Santa Monica, CA

My Husband and I have retired and looking to travel the world. We love to save and this made our dreams possible, thank you. This year we went to Africa & Europe. We have much more to see and would love to be life members. Will call you soon! Thanks – Grace Brown Yuma, AZ

I go to Cancun and Florida twice a year and this year with The Lion I saved so much money I told ten of my friends! They should be signing up with you guys soon if not already. Thanks. Thanks – James Thomas New York, NY